Privacy policy

Here you can read about what data our native mobile apps are collecting and what we use them for. We don't use any of your data for marketing or advertising purposes.
We do not collect any personal information.

Current location

If you grant access information about your current location, the app will use your location to get weather data and show you the weather forecast for your location. This information is not further processed, stored or transmitted to third parties. You can opt out and choose the desired location manually.
If you use widgets or notifications configured for your current location, then we request access to the device's location in the background.

Quality and stability

We use various tools to analyze the use of our app. These tools provide information about which data is the most popular, where the users come from or the errors that occur during the use of our app. This data is completely anonymized and it is not possible to identify a particular user. We collect these data for improving application quality and stability.
All your settings and search history are stored inside your device. We don't transfer these data to our servers.


To display ads in the application, we use the services of third-party advertising companies. For more information click here.